Follow Friday: Ancestoring

Here we are at another edition of Follow Friday.  Today I’m spotlighting Ancestoring, a family history blog written by Michele Simmons Lewis is a professional genealogist who writes a blog geared toward the beginner and intermediate researcher.

As I was cruising thru the plethora of posts on her blog, I ran into one that grabbed my attention.  My grandfather the “Nazi” was a good reminder of why genealogists should not make assumptions.  The story of Michele’s grandfather is quite interesting and reminds that, when researching, it’s important to look at the history surrounding the time and person you’re researching because there may be some facts that would make a difference in your research.

Michele’s blog contains information on everything from numbering systems to timelines.  I appreciate that she will occasionally stop and answer questions she receives.  Her post on Questions About Wills and Probate was very helpful (as are many of her other posts).

This is not a blog you will want to rush thru.  There is a LOT of information on Michele’s blog and I’ve had to Pocket it so that I know I need to stop and really read what she has on there.  I appreciate that, while she imparts a lot of information on her blog, she does so in a short and sweet manner.  I tend to get distracted easily so long blog posts tend to lose me part way thru.

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