Follow Friday: Ancestral Breezes

Welcome to another edition of Follow Friday!  Today we’re looking at the blog Ancestral Breezes.  Jen’s blog focuses on telling the stories of her past, her family and throwing in some education for good measure.  And she does a good job at all of it.

Her post on My first look at the Digital Public Library of America is very informative and provides some good insight on how to search on DPLA, a great resource.

Currently, Jen has a series of posts on fraternal organizations, a subject near and dear to my heart.  Beginning with her post on Curiosity is Allowed to Take Over, she’s exploring the importance of fraternal organizations in genealogy.  She remains objective in her posts about fraternal organizations, not learning one way or another in her opinion (though she does mention her great-grandfather belonged to one) and presenting useful and pertinent information when discussing fraternal organizations.  In her second post on these organizations, Jen defines the organizations and in her third post, she talks about organization terminology.

Jen’s posts are well written and are written about interesting subjects.  Take a few minutes to drop by Ancestral Breezes and read one (or more!) of Jen’s posts.

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