Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

In my quest for learning as much as I can about all things genealogy-related I’ve taken to reading as many blogs as I can. Reading what others write about their experiences, successes and failures is not only educational but allows an outlet for sharing between genealogists and the opportunity to support and assist others who are taking a similar journey to mine.

So about two weeks ago I was reading through a stack of blog posts and ran across a post written by a mom on her blog about genealogy education for children. The subject matter of Emily’s post Engaging Children with the Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner (and GIVEAWAY!) was getting her children involved in helping with genealogy by letting them use her Flip-Pal to scan scrapbooks and photos. When I had a small child I hadn’t ever considered looking for ways to get him involved. I wish I had, he might have more interest now if I’d involved him the way Emily involves her children in her genealogy.

The blog post also served as a review of the Flip-Pal. What a great idea! Let the kids use it, then review the product based on the kids’ use of the product. And her little one did a great job scanning with the Flip-Pal! Personally I’ve been drooling over the Flip-Pal for months now, ever since I learned about it online, but hadn’t had the chance to work it into the budget yet. So when I saw the chance to enter the giveaway included in her blog post I figured, why not? So I entered, not really thinking I’d win…but, big surprise, I did!!!! And guess what came today (just in time for an upcoming trip to Washington, DC)…


Color me excited!!!! I can’t wait to break this bad boy in.  Hmmm, I think I see some scanning in my very near future 🙂

And a big shout out to Emily for hosting the giveaway! Check out her blog at, I highly recommend her posts for both parents and non-parents alike!

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