Follow Friday: Are My Roots Showing?

It’s Friday again, which brings us to another edition of Follow Friday!  Today I’m highlighting Jenny Lanctot’s blog, Are My Roots Showing?  Now, I have to admit the original reason I chose to look at Jenny’s blog was because of the blog’s title.  It’s a cute title and I giggled as I pictured a woman looking over her shoulder in a mirror behind her, asking her husband if her roots were showing.  And my reasoning for looking at her blog is a good lesson in marketing.  Give your items an interesting title and it will bring people in.

Jenny’s posts are informative and, at times, humorous.  I found her post on FGS 2013 – Helpful Hints for Conferences to be very helpful.  I’ve not attended a large genealogy conference yet but I hope to in the future and I think her tips will be very helpful.  I thoroughly enjoyed her post Does This Count as an Ephiphany?  Not only did it provide some interesting insight into what could have happened when ancestors disappear during a census year but it also gave a good tip to about checking the pages before and after your ancestor’s census listing to see if there are any other possible family members.

I recommend taking a few minutes and checking out Are My Roots Showing?  It’ll be well worth your time.

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