Follow Friday: A Southern Sleuth

It’s Friday and we all know what that means…Follow Friday!  Today we’re looking at A Southern Sleuth, a journey along with Michelle Taggart as she searches for her southern roots.

I don’t limit myself to only reading blogs about genealogy that only applies to my genealogical situation.  I read about Croatian genealogy, Jewish genealogy and Southern genealogy to name a few that don’t currently apply to my genealogy.  Why?  Because you never know, one day it might apply to my genealogy.  Or, that blogger might have tried something that I didn’t think about trying.

What I like best about Michelle’s posts are the fact that, in several posts I read, I noticed she was wondering about her ancestor’s thoughts or actions, what their lives were like and wishing she knew all their stories.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Gift of Time and Giggling With the Pig and I also remember giggling about the name Piggly Wiggly as a child (and, yes, it still makes me smile today).

Take a few minutes today and go enjoy the stories told by Michelle on her blog.  It’ll be well worth your time.

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