Follow Friday: Ancestry Search

Welcome to another edition of Follow Friday!  Today I’m highlighting Ancestry Search, a family history blog written by Kathleen.  I admit, this one I started reading purely because the first post I saw was Kathleen’s post on Researching in the Kansas State Census.  Anyone who knows me fairly well knows I love living in Kansas.  Not tolerate, not like but LOVE so anything Kansas (or Missouri since I was born there and spent many happy summers there) automatically catches my attention.

Enough of my rambling.  Focusing back on Kathleen’s blog post about the Kansas State Census, she notes in her post an obvious mistake which was made during indexing two children on the census.  This is a great reminder that indexes (and enumerators) are only human and can make mistakes, thus checking AROUND the family you’re looking for in the census records is always a good idea.

Kathleen’s posts are just right in length (in my opinion).  I’ve said before that we genealogists have a tendency to ramble and get off on tangents (noooo, not us!) so a post that focuses and gets straight to the point catches my attention and keeps me reading.

And one last item of interest.  It was Kathleen’s post on Reading County History Books – Clues in the Biographies that caused me to Google one of my ancestor’s names and discover a Who’s Who book that has been digitized for the area in which he resided.  The book is a collection of biographies of the longstanding citizens in the area he lived in and I was tickled to find him in there.  So a big THANKS to you, Kathleen, for writing that post!

Take a minute today and read just one of Kathleen’s posts.  I think you’ll find it worth your time.

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