Around the Town Thursday: Blue Coyote Winery

Welcome to Around the Town Thursday!  Today we’re highlighting a fantastic little winery in Adair, Oklahoma called Blue Coyote Winery.

Gate at the front of Blue Coyote Winery


Blue Coyote Winery Tasting Room


There’s a Coyote in the ceiling of the tasting room!

All their wines are fantastic.  My favorites are the Catawba, Farmers Daughter, Country Peach and Oklahoma Peach.  Yum!  They also have a very good Oklahoma Blue Berry.  Their claim to fame, however, are their pepper and garlic wines.  Yes, you heard me right…hot pepper and garlic wines!  They weren’t my favorites but D1 absolutely loved the hot pepper wines!  The garlic wasn’t available for us to try but the last time we went the employee at the tasting room said the garlic wine really was more for cooking.  There are three different pepper wines: one is made with hot peppers, one is made with cayenne pepper and then there’s the one made with Habanero peppers.  Oh my!  You can see their current wines here.

The owner works in the wine tasting room on Saturday and if you can stop by when he’s there, make it a point to because he’s a riot to talk to!  He’ll talk your ear off about anything and everything and he’s got some really interesting stories about the building of the tasting room and some of the items within the tasting room.

This winery is absolutely worth making a trip to Adair if you’re anywhere near that area or if you’re passing through…or even if you’re not near the area but you’re looking for a good winery!  They do have posted hours for the tasting room here, but are quick to tell you to come on in if the gate is open.

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