Follow Friday: a3Genealogy

It’s Friday again (and who doesn’t love that?) so here’s another edition of Follow Friday!  Today we’re going to look at a3Genealogy.  A brief disclosure: a3Genealogy is a professional genealogy consultant, but in my opinion, Kathleen also writes a great blog post.  Her post on Tips to Researching WWI War Brides focused on a subject I hadn’t thought of before, though my darling husband’s family did have a war bride in the family (though it was not WWI).  That post may have hooked me, but she has several others that also contain very good information.  As a matter of fact, there are few that I didn’t read in their entirety.  Even though her post on Tips for Researching Performers and Showmen doesn’t apply to my family (that I know of) I found it worth reading, if for no other reason than it was interesting.

Kathleen’s posts are well written and very informative.  I find myself looking forward to her next post to see what wonderful new information she’ll impart.  I encourage my blog readers to take a minute and read one of her posts, I’m sure you’ll also end up hooked on her blog.

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