Follow Friday: Begin with “Craft”

Welcome to another edition of Follow Friday.  In today’s spotlight is Begin with “Craft” a wonderful blog about Valerie’s genealogy journey.

Valerie’s post on Expanding My Research Comfort Zone: Visiting A County Courthouse really caught my attention.  I haven’t had the opportunity to do any research in a county courthouse so I was very interested to read about Valerie’s experience.

Among the other interesting posts I read on her blog was the post on Favorite Records: Maps.  It’s a great post with links to maps that are helpful to genealogists.

Valerie has a great writing style with matter-of-fact recounting of her efforts to locate ancestors and their documentation.  It’s worth your time to stop by her blog and take a few minutes to read a post or two.

Follow Friday: Ancestral Breezes

Welcome to another edition of Follow Friday!  Today we’re looking at the blog Ancestral Breezes.  Jen’s blog focuses on telling the stories of her past, her family and throwing in some education for good measure.  And she does a good job at all of it.

Her post on My first look at the Digital Public Library of America is very informative and provides some good insight on how to search on DPLA, a great resource.

Currently, Jen has a series of posts on fraternal organizations, a subject near and dear to my heart.  Beginning with her post on Curiosity is Allowed to Take Over, she’s exploring the importance of fraternal organizations in genealogy.  She remains objective in her posts about fraternal organizations, not learning one way or another in her opinion (though she does mention her great-grandfather belonged to one) and presenting useful and pertinent information when discussing fraternal organizations.  In her second post on these organizations, Jen defines the organizations and in her third post, she talks about organization terminology.

Jen’s posts are well written and are written about interesting subjects.  Take a few minutes to drop by Ancestral Breezes and read one (or more!) of Jen’s posts.

Follow Friday: Ascending the Stairs

TGIF!  I hope you’re as excited about the weekend as I am.  Friday means another edition of Follow Friday and today we’re looking at the blog Ascending the Stairs.  Rachelle’s blog chronicling her genealogy research is an interesting read and her post Just another clue, that will lead you to another clue and to another one made me smile, nod my head and giggle just a little because what she writes about the tiny morsels of data that genealogists find is true.  Those tiny morsels do keep one “engaged in the hunt, but never satisfies the immense hunger.”

And I completely understand finding information that isn’t cited.  My maternal grandfather, bless his heart, was a fantastic genealogist.  Careful with his work and tireless in his research efforts, he provided our family with some great information.  Unfortunately none of it is cited and not all the supporting documents were collected so those of us working on this genealogy now are retracing Grandpa’s work.

Back to Rachelle’s blog, I found her posts to be well written, with very little rambling (genealogists don’t ramble, do they? LOL) and interesting post subjects.  I especially like how she periodically posts about her Genealogical Resolutions.  And having never been on a genealogical research trip, Rachelle’s posts about Texas on a Wing and a Prayer and Genealogy Trip Planning – Success! really helped to open my eyes about planning versus execution of a research trip.

Take a few minutes today and go check out Rachelle’s blog.  It’s well worth your time.

Follow Friday: Ancestry Sisters

TGIF and welcome to another edition of Follow Friday.  Today I’m highlighting Ancestry Sisters‘ blog.  Here’s a quick disclaimer: Ancestry Sisters is a professional genealogist’s blog.  I have not received any compensation from Ancestry Sisters for this post.  My Follow Friday posts are as unbiased as I can possibly make them and my criteria for Follow Friday is simply that the blog has (fairly) current posts and that I feel the posts are interesting and relevant.

Anyway, I was originally drawn into Ancestry Sisters for their post series on Was Mary Doefour really Anna Myrle Sizer? Help us find new clues and confirm this mystery (it should be noted the series is a re-post of a series of articles written by Rick Baker for the “Peoria Journal Star”) but delving into their post history a little further I was excited to discover The Scary Side of Your Family Tree and The Importance of Researching Siblings.  While I don’t personally have the need for the information given in The Scary Side of Your Family Tree (at this time), it was an extremely interesting post and, heck, knowledge is power right?  The Importance of Researching Siblings, however, was a different story and provided me yet another avenue I might approach with one of my brick walls.  We’re always taught to focus on our direct lines in genealogy but here is an instance where researching non-direct lines assisted Ancestry Sisters in breaking through a brick wall they had.  Looks like I may be going off on a tangent in the next few weeks to see if I can find anything for my brick wall via her siblings.

Take a bit of time today and go check out Ancestry Sisters.  I bet you’ll find something there that may be helpful in your research.

Follow Friday: Are My Roots Showing?

It’s Friday again, which brings us to another edition of Follow Friday!  Today I’m highlighting Jenny Lanctot’s blog, Are My Roots Showing?  Now, I have to admit the original reason I chose to look at Jenny’s blog was because of the blog’s title.  It’s a cute title and I giggled as I pictured a woman looking over her shoulder in a mirror behind her, asking her husband if her roots were showing.  And my reasoning for looking at her blog is a good lesson in marketing.  Give your items an interesting title and it will bring people in.

Jenny’s posts are informative and, at times, humorous.  I found her post on FGS 2013 – Helpful Hints for Conferences to be very helpful.  I’ve not attended a large genealogy conference yet but I hope to in the future and I think her tips will be very helpful.  I thoroughly enjoyed her post Does This Count as an Ephiphany?  Not only did it provide some interesting insight into what could have happened when ancestors disappear during a census year but it also gave a good tip to about checking the pages before and after your ancestor’s census listing to see if there are any other possible family members.

I recommend taking a few minutes and checking out Are My Roots Showing?  It’ll be well worth your time.